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The installation scripts are splited on 4 diferent keys or channels:

slapos-global-key: Fully stable playbook, Dedicated to KVM cluster autosetup images and computers who host KVM clusters on IMT infraestructure.

slapos-global-unstable-key: Unstable or Development playbook alternative for slapos-global-key.

slapos-global-vifib-official-key: Official VIFIB and Grandenet Stable Playbook, it include either stable versions of the Cluster/Standalone servers.

slapos-global-vifib-testing-key: Testing Playbook VIFIB and Grandenet Stable Playbook, it include unstable (or more recently versions) of the Cluster/Standalone servers.

Developers channels (or keys) are not included on this list, only official ones.