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prepare slapos build for obs

This environment is made to prepare a SlapOS tarball and packaging configurations
to be used with openSUSE Build Service (OBS).


Build in OBS is a bit complex. The build of the packages itself is in offline mode,
meaning that we don't have internet connection. Of course, doing "bin/buildout" to
install slapos and make the package requires internet connection.

Solution: run bin/buildout outside of the OBS system to fetch all the needed files,
put them in a cache and upload it in the OBS system so that buildout is happy and works in
offline mode.

- A computer
- Internet connection
- gcc, g++, make, patch, wget, python, chrpath, osc, devscripts
- An account on OBS


Directory Organisation

- : This is the script you have to run to prepare the packet.
  You can choose the version you want to build in it.
- ./home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/SlapOS-Node : This is the directory for OBS.
  It is the one used to generate unreleased package and testing it.
  If you have/want to use another directory, update its path in
- templates/ : Contain templates to build the package.
  	     - debian/ : contain configuration files for .deb packaging
	     - : Makefile to build slapos
	     - : Prepare network-cache build building once slapos
	     - : File needed by obs to build .deb package
	     - : configuration file for rpm packaging
- slapos-node/ : Template to build package
  	       - Makefile : Makefile to build slapos and add files for package
	       - slapos-start : shell script that will be run on startup (called by slapos-node daemon)
	       - slapos-test : python script to check user configuration and cron file
	       - template/ : template files for package (cron.d, service)
	       - slapos/ : to build slapos. Contain

preparing the package

First make sure all files are ready and you have all necessary packages installed.
You need in particular an OBS directory (for example, the vifib test directory)::

  $ cd <directory_to_contain_prepare_script>
  $ osc checkout home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/SlapOS-Node
  $ cd home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/SlapOS-Node
  $ osc up

SlapOS is build using buildout and need an internet connection to fetch all elements.
On obs package are build on virtual machines without internet access. will compile slapos on your computer and build a network-cache thanks to script.
At the end it remove slapos installation and only keep cache.
It makes a tarball out of it to be used by obs.
It then fetch packaging configuration from templates directory. Everything is then commit to obs thanks to osc.

So to build package just run:
# bash

About cron file

Main cron file is situated in slapos-node/template/slapos-node.cron.d
Prepare script will copy this one in the debian directory.
WARNING: if you update cron, do not forget to update slapos-test which check cron file