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    jinja2: read template at install/update and fix 'mode' option · 6219b5dc
    Julien Muchembled authored
    __init__ should only check options. By doing the actual work in install/update,
    it is now possible to use a template that is produced by another part.
    'mode' was implemented like 'umask' but it has never been used this way,
    and the 'umask' option is deprecated:
    - remove support for unused 'umask' option
    - change 'mode' to actually apply the wanted mode, regardless the current umask
    - the default mode changes: if 'mode' is not given, the resulting file is only
      executable (actually 0777 & ~umask) if the content starts with '#!',
      else its mode is: 0666 & ~umask
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