Commit 87368ba0 authored by Marco Mariani's avatar Marco Mariani

use ordered dictionary to preserve the order of test sections

parent e38bab3a
import ConfigParser
import argparse
import collections
import datetime
import httplib
import json
......@@ -301,9 +302,10 @@ class SoftwareReleaseTester(RPCRetry):
return self.deadline
class TestMap(object):
def __init__(self, test_dict):
self.test_map_dict = {}
self.test_map_dict = collections.OrderedDict()
for key in test_dict:
target_computer = test_dict[key]["target_computer"]
if target_computer not in self.test_map_dict:
......@@ -394,7 +396,7 @@ def main():
log_file = open(log), 2)
section_dict = {}
section_dict = collections.OrderedDict()
configuration = ConfigParser.SafeConfigParser()
for section in configuration.sections():
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