Commit b7460f1e authored by Marco Mariani's avatar Marco Mariani

also log transition to None

parent 0a9ccd35
......@@ -10,11 +10,14 @@ import tempfile
import traceback
import time
import xmlrpclib
import slapos.slap
from slapos.grid.utils import setRunning, setFinished
from erp5.util.taskdistribution import TaskDistributionTool, RPCRetry
from erp5.util.taskdistribution import SAFE_RPC_EXCEPTION_LIST
class AutoSTemp(object):
Create a self-destructing temporary file.
......@@ -292,19 +295,21 @@ class SoftwareReleaseTester(RPCRetry):
Check for missed deadlines (-> test failure), conditions for moving to
next state, and actually moving to next state (executing its payload).
deadline = self.deadline
if deadline < now and deadline is not None:
raise TestTimeout(self.state)
_, _, next_state, software_state, instance_state = self.transition_dict[
if (software_state is None or
software_state == self._getSoftwareState()) and (
instance_state is None or
instance_state == self._getInstanceState()):
self._logger.debug('Going to state %s (%r, %r)', next_state,
software_state, instance_state)
if next_state is None:
return None
self._logger.debug('Going to state %i (%r, %r)', next_state,
software_state, instance_state)
self.state = next_state
stepfunc, delay, _, _, _ = self.transition_dict[next_state]
self.deadline = now + delay
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