Commit 4419c1ae authored by Alain Takoudjou's avatar Alain Takoudjou

runner: fix creating software link folder which cause rebuild of sr when /isRSReady is called

When the URL /isSRReady is called if the software release link is not present in softwareLink folder, webrunner will launch build of software. The result is slapgrid trying to build sr every minutes, then resiliency fail.
parent f0ecc47a
......@@ -345,10 +345,9 @@ def config_SR_folder(config):
cf.write(current_project + '#' + folder)
# First create the link for current project
current_project = open(os.path.join(config['etc_dir'], ".project")).read()
with open(os.path.join(config['etc_dir'], ".project")) as f:
current_project ='/')
profile = getCurrentSoftwareReleaseProfile(config)
if current_project[-1] == '/':
current_project = current_project[:-1]
name = current_project.split('/')[-1]
md5sum = md5digest(profile)
link_to_folder(name, md5sum)
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