Commit b1fadc16 by Nicolas Wavrant

fixes "resiliencytest: resiliency process isn't OK if some promises fail"

Function should return True if everything is OK.
Also add some logging
parent 88e49677
......@@ -201,6 +201,7 @@ class ResiliencyTestSuite(object):
should make at least one of the promises complain.
for promise_directory in glob.glob('../*/etc/promise/'):"Testing promises of instance's directory : %s", promise_directory)
promise_list = os.listdir(promise_directory)
for promise in promise_list:
# XXX: for the moment ignore monitor promises as they can never succeed
......@@ -213,6 +214,8 @@ class ResiliencyTestSuite(object):
self.logger.error('ERROR : promise "%s" failed with output :\n%s', promise, e.output)
return False
return True
def runTestSuite(self):
Generate data to send,
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