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    gitlab: Hook gitlab- and gitlab-shell- configuration files into the system · 13169cab
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    - Download them on SR build and pass info to instance
    - Instance prepares to process them as jinja2 templates
    - Instance hooks the files into configuration location as appropriate
    Every file so far is renamed *.erb -> *.in and a header added showing
    that this file is autogenerated with links about what was the base
    gitlab and/or omnibus version and omnibus reference revision this
    template was last updated for.
    So far all result configuration files are invalid - because ERB syntax
    is there. We will convert the configuration files to proper jinja2
    syntax and to using slapos parameters incrementally in the upcoming
    NOTE (again): md5 sums are not yet fixed - we will fix them in the end
        of gitlab patches series after applying all tweaking changes.
    /cc @kazuhiko, @jerome
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