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    erp5: Rework postfix integration. · 86295f82
    Vincent Pelletier authored
    Add support for "hosts" aliasing in Zope instances.
    Add support for SASL relayhost with mandatory TLS encryption.
    Add mandatory TSL + SASL authentication, to not be an open relay.
    Wrap postfix commands with proper environment instead of symlink +
    source-able script.
    Add ipv6 listening support (untested).
    Drop non-required main.cf configuration options.
    Make postifx instance optional (requires postmaster address to be
    Document and rework smtp-related parameters.
    Expose an userhosts hostname for smtp server.
    Add diversion support (solution to "prod clone sent mails to real customer").
    Use etc/run rather than etc/service, for consistency (if it needs to be
    changed, it must be changed for all software types).
    Hook into syslog and setup local syslog daemon, with logrotate integration.
    Update TODO entries.
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