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    Make it possible to instanciate 1 NEO DB inside an ERP5 instance · d35284d8
    Saurabh authored
    Before it was only possible to make an ERP5 cluster connect to a NEO cluster
    that was instanciated separately, by passing "name" and "master_nodes"
    connection parameters in "storage-dict".
    For an internal NEO DB, "name" and "master_nodes" is filled automatically
    and you must instead pass a "server" dict, with same parameters as in NEO SR.
    Currently, a NEO cluster name must be given. Later, we hope to generate a good
    name automatically.
    All this was implemented by refactoring NEO & ERP5 SR, with common files.
    For the ERP5 SR, the root partition also serves as "root" partition for NEO
    partitions: in other words, there's no second empty partition.
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