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    wendelin: Unpin wendelin.core from versions in -dev variant · 69f30c1d
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    This is required so that buildout does not fallback to installing
    non-dev egg if version of wendelin.core from -dev differs from what has
    been pinned.
    For example the following
        extends =
        # pin wendelin.core-dev to latest assumed-good revision with ZBlk1 support
        revision = c507d9009f59fec2041bac9c31c5b08a48d3897d
    will install wendelin.core-0.4.egg from pypi instead of installing
    c507d9009f59fec2041bac9c31c5b08a48d3897d from repository, because that
    latter revision says it is already version 0.5 and 1.0.12 wendelin SR
    pins wendelin.core to 0.4 .
    So unpin wendelin.core from versions and let software-dev.cfg work
    /cc @klaus
    /reviewed-by @Tyagov  (on !36)
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