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    monitor: use monitor- prefix in cert and key · 854057ce
    Jérome Perrin authored
    By using a short filenames like "httpd.crt" or "httpd.key", we risk have
    conflict with users of this stack. Use a name with more context, that
    should likely not be used by applications.
    This solves an issue with lamp stack, that was visible with nextcloud
           Installing ca-apache-php.
         Error: The following paths are already installed by other sections: {'/srv/slapgrid/slappart8/srv/testnode/cvt/inst/test0-0/tmp/inst/ncs2/srv/ssl/certs/httpd.key': 'ca-monitor-httpd', '/srv/slapgrid/slappart8/srv/testnode/cvt/inst/test0-0/tmp/inst/ncs2/srv/ssl/certs/httpd.crt': 'ca-monitor-httpd'}