Commit 05bfbb9d authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

Revert "hello-world: add IP examples"

This reverts the essence of commit 854e4766:

Changing there




was wrong - slapos.cookbook:slapconfiguration recipe, which is leveraged
by [instance-parameter] section does not define global-ipv6:

- only ipv6 as "Set of IPv6 addresses (of partition)" and ipv6-random
"One of the IPv6 addresses".

Trying to instantiate a helloworld SR inside webrunner:

    ---- 8< ---- (instance.log)
    [2015-04-26 11:56:20,133] INFO Error: Referenced option does not exist: instance-parameter global-ipv6

and the same error while instantiating helloworld SR without slaprunner
under local slapproxy.


The global-ipv6 is helpfully injected by slapos.cookbook:softwaretype
recipe into [slap-network-information] section:

but unfortunately only if that slapos.cookbook:softwaretype recipe is
activated - i.e. when we have several software types and we support switching
between them, which is not the case for helloworld (and it's a pity that
such fundamental network-configuration is only optionally provided by SlapOS).


So let's switch back to ${instance-parameter:ipv6-random} - this way
helloworld instance can be instantiated again.

Cc: Jérome Perrin <>
parent 9a869b2e
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ log = $${:var}/log
# This recipe will try to "exec" the command-line after separating parameters.
recipe = slapos.cookbook:wrapper
# Notice that there is only one $ at ${dash:location}, it is because it comes from the Software Release buildout profile.
command-line = ${dash:location}/bin/dash -c 'echo "Hello $${}, it is $(date). If I were a server application, you would reach me at $${instance-parameter:global-ipv6}" > $${directory:log}/log.log; sleep 1000000;'
command-line = ${dash:location}/bin/dash -c 'echo "Hello $${}, it is $(date). If I were a TCP server, I would be listening on [$${instance-parameter:ipv6-random}] or $${instance-parameter:ipv4-random}" > $${directory:log}/log.log; sleep 1000000;'
# Put this shell script in the "etc/service" directory. Each executable of this
# repository will be started and monitored by supervisord. If a service
# exits/crashes, it will trigger a "bang" and cause a re-run of the instance.
......@@ -26,5 +26,5 @@ recipe = slapos.recipe.template
url = ${:_profile_base_location_}/
output = ${buildout:directory}/instance.cfg
# MD5 checksum can be skipped for development (easier to develop), but must be filled for production
md5sum = 1fea8a474f3b2eb7847685659441a3f9
md5sum = 532d13c3aee4f0252181da39765317f0
mode = 0644
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