Commit 27f574bc authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Revert "zodbpickle: v↑ (1.0.4 -> 2.0.0)"

This reverts commit 1c2d1c0a.
because NEO is not ready for such change.
parent 34ebf8b5
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......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ pycurl = 7.43.0
setproctitle = 1.1.10
slapos.recipe.template = 4.4
transaction = 1.7.0
zodbpickle = 2.0.0
zodbpickle = 1.0.4
zodbtools = 0.0.0.dev4
cython-zstd = 0.2
python-dateutil = 2.7.3
  • @jm, any details?

  • Answering to myself: to see what is wrong @romain suggested to run my patch wrt all NEO testsuites and see what breaks. This way I ran NEO.UnitTest-Master, NEO.UnitTest-Master.ZODB5, NEO.UnitTest-Master.ZODB3, and NEO.UnitTest-Master.PyPy wrt slapos with my patch. The results I got are:

    NEO.UnitTest-Master-kirr: all PASS
    NEO.UnitTest-Master.ZODB5-kirr: all PASS
    NEO.UnitTest-Master.ZODB3-kirr: FAIL
    NEO.UnitTest-Master.PyPy-kirr: all PASS

    I looked inside ZODB3-related failures (as I too looked at failures when verifying my patch when pushing to @erp-component branch and looking into NEO failures after merging my patch to slapos master), and they are exactly the same failures that are already there failing for NEO with slapos without my patch:

    NEO.UnitTest-Master.ZODB3-kirr / SQLite failed with:

    FAIL: testBackupDelayedUnlockTransaction (neo.tests.threaded.testSSL.SSLReplicationTests)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/srv/slapgrid/slappart5/srv/testnode/dgb/soft/68fc043aba2ab2e43c30b3d4a422041a/parts/neoppod-repository/neo/tests/threaded/", line 56, in wrapper
        wrapped(self, backup)
      File "/srv/slapgrid/slappart5/srv/testnode/dgb/soft/68fc043aba2ab2e43c30b3d4a422041a/parts/neoppod-repository/neo/tests/threaded/", line 332, in testBackupDelayedUnlockTransaction
        self.assertTrue(msg.endswith('lag=ε'), msg)
    failureException: RUNNING; UP_TO_DATE=1; ltid=03db4f6382d99699 (2020-10-15 13:55:30.667958)
        BACKINGUP; UP_TO_DATE=1; ltid=03db4f6382d99698; lag=1e-06

    Here is the same failure on NEO.UnitTest-Master.ZODB3 / MySQL from October.05.

    NEO.UnitTest-Master.ZODB3-kirr / MySQL failed with

    FAIL: testReplicationBlockedByUnfinished1 (neo.tests.threaded.testReplication.ReplicationTests)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/srv/slapgrid/slappart5/srv/testnode/dgb/soft/68fc043aba2ab2e43c30b3d4a422041a/parts/neoppod-repository/neo/tests/threaded/", line 1243, in wrapper
        return wrapped(self, cluster, *args, **kw)
      File "/srv/slapgrid/slappart5/srv/testnode/dgb/soft/68fc043aba2ab2e43c30b3d4a422041a/parts/neoppod-repository/neo/tests/threaded/", line 1000, in testReplicationBlockedByUnfinished1
        self.assertPartitionTable(cluster, expected)
      File "/srv/slapgrid/slappart5/srv/testnode/dgb/soft/68fc043aba2ab2e43c30b3d4a422041a/parts/neoppod-repository/neo/tests/threaded/", line 1146, in assertPartitionTable
        lambda x: index(x.getUUID()))
      File "/srv/slapgrid/slappart5/srv/testnode/dgb/soft/68fc043aba2ab2e43c30b3d4a422041a/parts/neoppod-repository/neo/tests/", line 306, in assertPartitionTable
        '|'.join(pt._formatRows(sorted(pt.count_dict, key=key))))
      File "/srv/slapgrid/slappart5/srv/testnode/dgb/soft/68fc043aba2ab2e43c30b3d4a422041a/parts/neoppod-repository/neo/tests/", line 301, in assertEqual
        return super(NeoTestBase, self).assertEqual(first, second, msg=msg)
    failureException: 'UU|UU' != 'UO|UO'

    Here is the same failure on NEO.UnitTest-Master / MySQL from October 13.

    Given that in my run it was only ZODB3 related breakage and other test sutes were all PASSED, and that the failures inside ZODB3 were not new, I decided that my patch does not do harm and should be ok to be merged into master. Isn't it?

    Now @romain is pointing me at where things break with TypeError: can't set attributes of built-in/extension type 'zodbpickle.binary' on binary._pack = bytes.__str__. This is indeed relevant to zodbpickle upgrade, but if one looks into TestResult that contains this TestResultLine everything is marked as PASSED:

    The same is actually true for my runs, for example as said above NEO.UnitTest-Master-kirr says MySQL=PASSED and SQLite=PASSED in green, but if one looks inside the testlines it shows the TypeError failures:

    So my question is:

    is it expected not to trust reported "PASSED" status and manually look every time inside of every test run to be sure?

    Personally I believe "PASSED" must be trusted, but this days I won't be surprised by anything...

    For the reference: if PASSED must be trusted, the bug is in of NEO software release, and, in my view comes from duplication of many of those in between many places without single point where to fix bugs and improve (see d68874fa, !839 (merged)) /cc @jerome

  • Kirill Smelkov @kirr

    mentioned in merge request !839 (merged)


    mentioned in merge request !839 (merged)

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  • is it expected not to trust reported "PASSED" status and manually look every time inside of every test run to be sure?

    There is a bug currently which mark test line without any result as PASSED.

    Quickly looking at the test_result bt5, I guess the issue is in this script, which does not report 0 test count as a failure.

    I applied this patch on Nexedi ERP5 to see if it helps. Please rerun your tests to see if it helps.

  • @romain, thanks, let's see if it helps indeed.

  • @romain, here is how now test result looks for my zodbpickle v↑ patch: (result=UNKNOWN). This test result is also displayed in a list of test results with result=FAIL. In other words your change should, hopefully, prevent misinterpretations similar to the above in the future. Thanks.

  • One thing I observed in the past is that when tested software can not be installed at all, the test is also marked as "PASSED". This might be for same reasons.

    @romain romain/erp5@3e513f34 looks a good fix, would you mind adding a quick test in testTaskDistribution and committing the change ?

    maybe test can be something like this:

      def test_???(self):
        test_result_path, _ = self._createTestResult(test_list=['testFoo', ])
        test_result = self.portal.unrestrictedTraverse(test_result_path)
        line_url, _ = self.tool.startUnitTest(test_result_path)
        test_result_line = self.portal.restrictedTraverse(line_url)
        status_dict = {
            'test_count': 0,
            'error_count': 0,
            'failure_count': 0,
        self.tool.stopUnitTest(line_url, status_dict)
        self.assertEqual(test_result_line.getStringIndex(), 'FAILED')
        self.assertEqual(test_result_line.getSimulationState(), 'stopped')
        self.assertEqual(test_result.getStringIndex(), 'FAIL')
        self.assertEqual(test_result.getSimulationState(), 'stopped')
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  • Kirill Smelkov @kirr

    mentioned in merge request !1125 (merged)


    mentioned in merge request !1125 (merged)

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