Commit 3c3368e4 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

ruby: Split tarball location/checksum from common cmmi options and environment

In the next patch we'll add another version of Ruby, and it will make
sense to share common configuration for Ruby compiling.

/cc @kazuhiko
parent 1fb8b381
......@@ -12,10 +12,8 @@ extends =
parts = ruby
recipe = slapos.recipe.cmmi
url =
md5sum = dbce9b9d79d90f213ba8d448b0b6ed86
configure-options =
--enable-shared --enable-rpath --disable-install-doc
......@@ -25,5 +23,12 @@ environment =
LDFLAGS=-L${gdbm:location}/lib -L${libffi:location}/lib -L${libyaml:location}/lib -L${ncurses:location}/lib -L${openssl:location}/lib -L${readline:location}/lib -L${zlib:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${gdbm:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${libffi:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${libyaml:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${ncurses:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${openssl:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${readline:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${zlib:location}/lib
<= ruby-common
url =
md5sum = dbce9b9d79d90f213ba8d448b0b6ed86
<= ruby2.2
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