Commit 63f355e8 by Boris Kocherov Committed by Romain Courteaud

component/qt: [qt5-qmake] simplify, speedup

parent f4ab5f38
extends =
parts =
# XXX does not work on all systems
# building [qmake] will download the full qt source anyway ~200MB
# qmake binary can be reached directly from ${qt:location}/qtbase/bin/qmake if [qt] is fully built
# XXX work on all systems needs check
recipe = slapos.recipe.cmmi
location = ${buildout:parts-directory}/${:_buildout_section_name_}
url =
md5sum = 1b1b1f929d0cd83680354a0c83d8e945
url =
md5sum = 7aa5841b50c411e23e31e8a6cc1c6981
configure-command = ./configure
configure-options =
-nomake examples
environment =
pre-configure-QMAKE_INCDIR_X11 =
pre-configure-QMAKE_LIBDIR_X11 =
${libX11:location}/lib64 ${libX11:location}/lib
${xproto:location}/lib64 ${xproto:location}/lib
${libXext:location}/lib64 ${libXext:location}/lib
pre-configure =
set -e -x
qmake_incdir_x11=$(echo " ${:pre-configure-QMAKE_INCDIR_X11}" | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/ /g')
qmake_libdir_x11=$(echo " ${:pre-configure-QMAKE_LIBDIR_X11}" | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/ /g')
sed 's:QMAKE_INCDIR_X11\s*=:QMAKE_INCDIR_X11 ='"$qmake_incdir_x11:g" -i qtbase/mkspecs/*/*.conf
sed 's:QMAKE_LIBDIR_X11\s*=:QMAKE_LIBDIR_X11 ='"$qmake_libdir_x11:g" -i qtbase/mkspecs/*/*.conf
# it helped me :
configure-command = ./configure --prefix=${:location} -v -no-separate-debug-info -release -confirm-license -opensource -no-opengl -nomake examples
make-targets = qmake
CPPFLAGS=-I${libX11:location}/include -I${xproto:location}/include -I${libXext:location}/include
LDFLAGS=-L${libX11:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${libX11:location}/lib -L${xproto:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${xproto:location}/lib -L${libXext:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${libXext:location}/lib
make-binary = true
post-install =
cp -rt ${:location} *
mkdir -p ${:location}/bin
mv -t ${:location}/bin bin/qmake
mv -t ${:location} mkspecs
<= qt5-qmake
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