Update helloworld to be more clear about parameters.

parent 5bd85261
......@@ -18,8 +18,13 @@ offline = true
# Fetches parameters defined in SlapOS Master for this instance.
# Always the same.
# Fetch arbitrary parameters defined by the user in SlapOS Master for his instance.
# We use the slapconfiguration recipe with a few parameters (partition id,
# computer id, certificate, etc).
# It will then authenticate to SlapOS Master and fetch the instance parameters.
# The parameters are accessible from $${instance-parameter:configuration.name-of-parameter}
# Always the same. Just copy/paste.
# See docstring of slapos.cookbook:slapconfiguration for more informations.
recipe = slapos.cookbook:slapconfiguration
computer = $${slap_connection:computer_id}
partition = $${slap_connection:partition_id}
......@@ -28,10 +33,13 @@ key = $${slap_connection:key_file}
cert = $${slap_connection:cert_file}
# Define default parameter(s) that will be used later, in case user didn't
# specify it
# All parameters are available through the configuration.XX syntax.
# specify it.
# All possible parameters should have a default.
configuration.name = anonymous
# In our use case, we are expecting from the user to specify one (optional) parameter: "name". We put the default value here if he doesn't specify it, so that it doesn't crash.
configuration.name = John Doe
# If our use case requires that the user can specify a mail address so that his instance can mail to him (for example), we can do:
# configuration.mail-address =
# If the user doesn't specify it, it won't break and the recipe can handle it (i.e don't send any mail for example).
# Create all needed directories, depending on your needs
......@@ -25,6 +25,6 @@ parts =
recipe = slapos.recipe.template
url = ${:_profile_base_location_}/instance.cfg.in
output = ${buildout:directory}/instance.cfg
# MD5 checksum can be skipped for development, but must be filled for production
#md5sum =
# MD5 checksum can be skipped for development (easier to develop), but must be filled for production
md5sum = 1fc461c00e86485bee77a942f39e3c43
mode = 0644
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