Commit e2265d46 by Łukasz Nowak

caddy-frontend/test: Select ports for services

As the test runs in erp5.util.testnode, which has some ports reserved,
and they collide with default ports of caddy-frontend services, select
ports for those services, and leave out default for monitor, as test expects.
1 parent 65ad3322
......@@ -3588,6 +3588,10 @@ class TestDefaultMonitorHttpdPort(SlaveHttpFrontendTestCase, TestDataMixin):
def getInstanceParameterDict(cls):
return {
'-frontend-1-state': 'stopped',
'port': HTTPS_PORT,
'plain_http_port': HTTP_PORT,
'nginx_port': NGINX_HTTPS_PORT,
'plain_nginx_port': NGINX_HTTP_PORT,
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