Commit e58a10ba authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

release-sr: Fix usage for various cases

  * fail fast in case of trouble
  * treat 1.0 as special working branch and be ok to remove it
  * select origin/1.0 as source of the local 1.0 branch

Thank to this it can be used in clean repository.
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git fetch
set -e
git fetch --all
# Go to master
git checkout master
# Clean up 1.0
git branch -D 1.0 || echo
# Checkout 1.0
git checkout origin/1.0 -b 1.0
git checkout 1.0
git reset origin/1.0 --hard
# for now this script is hardcoded to release on 1.0.x versions intentionally
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