Commit f2b1bd4f authored by Tatuya Kamada's avatar Tatuya Kamada

Follow the slapos default configuration of varnish and ERP5.

The slapos default configuration decision:
- text/html does not have Last-Modified
  Because we can not calculate proper last-modified date when the page consists
  of several parts. (e.g.: Gadgets)
- resouces have 'Cache-Control: public'
  Because several versions of Firefox request 'public' to cache resources
  over SSL.
So web_checker.cfg respects the slapos default configuration decision.
parent f4158096
......@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ debug_level = debug
file_log_path = %(web_checker_log)s
Last-Modified = True
Expires = True
Vary = Accept-Language, Cookie, Accept-Encoding
Accept-Language, Cookie
......@@ -27,7 +26,13 @@ Vary = Accept-Encoding
[header url=.*/favicon.ico]
Last-Modified = True
[no_header content-type=(image/.*|text/css|.*/javascript|application/font)]
[header content-type=(text/css|.*/javascript)]
Last-Modified = True
Cache-Control = public,max-age=300
[no_header content-type=(image/.*|application/font)]
Vary = None
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