• This SR was developed and tested in environments where both software and instance where owned by the same unix user. These are fixes for problems discovered when running on a "system level" slapos.
    This cannot easily be tested without actually using different users (especially the mistake on the mode of the executable script), but this MR introduce some tests to check that service running in instance does not open files or unix sockets outside of instance. It also introduce a utility method to access the supervisor RPC API, it can be useful if tests needs to start/stop a process or get process PID to inspect this process.
    I ran into problems, because proftpd sets [`PR_SET_DUMPABLE`](http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man2/prctl.2.html) to 0, which disables any possibility of inspecting a running program. See 18e28bbb  for details about the chosen approach.
    /cc @rafael @Nicolas @luke @Eteri @vpelletier 
    /reviewed-on !334
    by Jérome Perrin
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  • It was missing double slash (//) after schema.
    /reviewed-on !332
    by Łukasz Nowak
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  • - List of configuration files that are used to generate the hash for the service wrapper's name.
    /reviewed-on !333
    by Roque
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  • The main idea is to rename the service wrapper using a hash of the corresponding configuration files. In that way, if the config files are updated, the corresponding script file, section in supervisor.conf and service process will be updated accordingly.
    - the file name in wrapper_path contains a hash of the corresponding config files
    - when config files change, and therefore the hash, the wrapper will be re-created and the corresponding service restarted
    - the config files paths will be a parameter in the corresponding buildout section, if it isn't set there won't be hash-check
    /reviewed-on !326
    by Roque
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