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      software/kvm: Test nat-rules · efbc92e2
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      Default and cluster are tested for the most expected usage.
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      software/erp5: fix flappy test_logrotate_and_slow_query_digest test · e2f02f38
      Jérome Perrin authored
      This test uses the default config of having mariadb log queries taking more
      than 1 second, then makes two slow queries and check that these two queries
      are logged and included in pt-query-digest report.
      Sometimes this test fail because there are more slow queries than the two
      expected, in the snapshots, we can see that reports also contain:
          SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM `mysql` LIKE 'time_zone_transition'\G
          SHOW CREATE TABLE `mysql`.`time_zone_transition`\G
      but these queries are not made by the test. They are probably made by
      mysql_upgrade script. Such queries can take more than 1 second sometimes
      and when they do the test fail because there are more slow queries than the
      To prevent this kind of intermitent failures, make our test queries slower
      and configure mariadb to log queries after a longer delay (3 seconds).
      Hopefully these unrelated queries should not take more than 3 seconds.
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