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      gitlab: Upgrade to 8.8.9 + start automation of gitlab-backup · 9e01d769
      iv authored
      # Upgrade
          * GitLab Software + patches ported to GitLab 8.8.9;
          * Configs synced with upstream and SlapOS-ified;
          * Fix promises due to curl upgrade
      @jerome @kazuhiko @kirr: if you have any comments, I would be glad to read them. There is a [demo instance](https://softinst69126.host.vifib.net) you can try.
      Check on the demo instance for the Gitlab configuration:
      - [x] migrations are all `up`, when running: `gitlab-rake db:migrate:status`
      - [x] promises don't fail (including slow ones)
      - [x] web UI seems fine
      - [x] git clone/fetch/push works well
      - [x] email notifications are sent
      and Nexedi edition patches:
      - [x] raw blobs download
      - [x] private ones with gitlab-ci token `curl -v https://user:token@testinstance/kirr/test/raw/master/hello.txt`
      - [x] applying patches in merge-request
      - [x] merge as topic in merge-request
      - [x] "Nexedi edition" being present on front page and on page footers with ICP
      - [x] clone protocol is only HTTPS (not SSH)
      No changes are made in gitlab-workhorse and gitlab-shell upstream this time, but Nexedi patches and a cherry-picked commit are applied in a merge request on gitlab-ce.
      Note: in order to build the gitlab SR, you need to change gitlab-ce repository to my own, as it is not merged yet:
      --- a/software/gitlab/software.cfg
      +++ b/software/gitlab/software.cfg
      @@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ git-executable = ${git:location}/bin/git
       <= git-repository
       #repository = https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce.git
      -repository = https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/gitlab-ce.git
      +repository = https://lab.nexedi.com/iv/gitlab-ce.git
      # Gitlab backup (pull automation)
      The idea is to regularly do a gitlab-backup pull for now, so that later, we can add some code to configure the other gitlab instance (not in production) to pull the created backup repo.
      /reviewed-on !124
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      gitlab: start automation of gitlab-backup · ae7b4120
      iv authored
        - git-clone and build git-backup sources
        - add a cron job doing `gitlab-backup-pull` every 4 hours by default
        - add instance parameter to change backup frequency
        - add xnice for using less resources while backuping
        - add lock to avoid concurrent calls of backup script
        - add a specific software type `gitlab-export` doing all this instead of in
          `default`; this can be changed in Services > parameters (kirr's changes)
      `coreutils`, `grep` and `tar` components are used by `gitlab-backup-pull`
      script, as it is called from a cron and the PATH has to include these
      binaries paths
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      gitlab: use slapos-cookbook-develop + pin slapos cookbook version · 25acc473
      iv authored
      This is needed until the patch regarding `pidfile` in wrapper.py
      (571d6514) is added to released SlapOS cookbook egg.
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    • Iliya Manolov's avatar
      NEO: add a neoctl wrapper in every partition with an admin node · 76cfa45d
      Iliya Manolov authored
      The purpose of the added script is to shorten calling neoctl by removing the
      need to constantly supply things SlapOS can provide on its own like
      certificates and admin address. A sample command is now as simple as:
          ~/srv/runner/instance/slappartX/bin/neoctl set cluster STARTING_BACKUP
      /reviewed-on !120