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      golang: Build SWIG and include it into Go build environment · 762daa2c
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      Even if we don't use swig in our go projects, if hosting environment has
      swig, but incorrectly installed, then Go build will fail as:
         --- FAIL: TestScript (0.03s)
             --- FAIL: TestScript/list_swigcxx (0.46s)
                     # go list should not report SWIG-generated C++ files in CompiledGoFiles. (0.001s)
                     # CompiledGoFiles should contain 4 files:
                     #  a.go
                     #  a.swigcxx.go
                     #  _cgo_gotypes.go
                     #  a.cgo1.go (0.421s)
                     > go list -f '{{.CompiledGoFiles}}' -compiled=true example/swig
                     # example/swig
                     :1: Error: Unable to find 'swig.swg'
                     :3: Error: Unable to find 'go.swg'
                     [exit status 2]
                     FAIL: testdata/script/list_swigcxx.txt:12: unexpected command failure
      Such broken environment, in particular, is present on our testnodes,
      because there swig program is being included into slapos-node package,
      slapos command includes it into $PATH for spawned programs
      but the swig binary itself is configured to look into its supporting files in
      the wrong place:
          slapuser91@vifibcloud-rapidspace-hosting-007:~/t/swig$ /opt/slapos/parts/swig/bin/swig -swiglib
          slapuser91@vifibcloud-rapidspace-hosting-007:~/t/swig$ ll /usr/src/packages/BUILD/slapos/build/opt/slapos/parts/swig/share/swig/3.0.10
          ls: cannot access '/usr/src/packages/BUILD/slapos/build/opt/slapos/parts/swig/share/swig/3.0.10': No such file or directory
      which leads to SWIG being broken:
          slapuser91@vifibcloud-rapidspace-hosting-007:~/t/swig$ /opt/slapos/parts/swig/bin/swig -v -go -intgosize 64 a.swigcxx
          Language subdirectory: go
          Search paths:
          :1: Error: Unable to find 'swig.swg'
          :3: Error: Unable to find 'go.swg'
      -> Fix it by building SWIG ourselves and using that built swig to build go and
      in the Go environment provided to users.
      See "Troubleshooting" in http://www.swig.org/Release/README for details.
      /cc @luke, @jerome, @romain
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    • Kirill Smelkov's avatar
      golang: +go1.17 -go1.15 · 15e26abd
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      Go1.17 is incremental improvement over Go1.16 with better and faster compiler,
      runtime, module-mode improvements and faster generated code:
      Drop support for Go1.15, as that release reached EOL and nothing currently uses
      it in SlapOS.
      Don't drop support for Go1.12 yet, as that long-ago-EOL and no longer supported
      Go release is still being used by software/gitlab.
      Remain default at Go1.16 yet.
      Switch helloworld to Go1.17 and test this patch on that
    • Kirill Smelkov's avatar
      golang: v↑ go1.16 (1.16.4 -> 1.16.8) · e43a96db
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      Going Go1.16.4 -> Go1.16.8 brings in fixes to compiler, runtime and stdlib
      including security fixes to net, crypto/tls, archive/zip, math/big, and
      net/http/httputil packages:
      Tested on helloworld SR.
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      Version up erp5.util 0.4.71 · 06c40fc1
      Ivan Tyagov authored
    • Łukasz Nowak's avatar
      component/haproxy: Version up · bfa9c6b5
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      2021/09/07 : 2.0.25
          - BUG/MEDIUM: sock: really fix detection of early connection failures in for 2.3-
          - REGTESTS: abortonclose: after retries, 503 is expected, not close
          - BUG/MEDIUM: base64: check output boundaries within base64{dec,urldec}
          - MINOR: compiler: implement an ONLY_ONCE() macro
          - BUG/MINOR: lua: use strlcpy2() not strncpy() to copy sample keywords
          - BUG/MINOR: ebtree: remove dependency on incorrect macro for bits per long
          - BUG/MINOR threads: Use get_(local|gm)time instead of (local|gm)time
          - BUG/MINOR: tools: Fix loop condition in dump_text()
          - CLEANUP: Add missing include guard to signal.h
          - DOC: configuration: remove wrong tcp-request examples in tcp-response
          - BUG/MINOR: config: reject configs using HTTP with bufsize >= 256 MB
          - CLEANUP: htx: remove comments about "must be < 256 MB"
          - BUG/MAJOR: htx: fix missing header name length check in htx_add_header/trailer
          - Revert "BUG/MINOR: stream-int: Don't block reads in si_update_rx() if chn may receive"
          - MINOR: action: Use a generic function to check validity of an action rule list
          - REGTESTS: mark http_abortonclose as broken
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