1. 05 Dec, 2019 19 commits
  2. 04 Dec, 2019 5 commits
    • version up: hmac-nxd2 · 6bc0a3e8
      Julien Muchembled committed
    • NEO/ERP5: new schema of parameters, with overriding mechanism · d4821f87
      The main change is a new and unique way to override parameters depending on where these parameters are used:
      - for NEO, the goal is to avoid a huge `node_list` value (in particular with MyRocks settings), whereas most of the time all values in the list are the same
      - for ERP5, we need a way to define different ZODB cache settings depending on the zope id (e.g. huge cache for some specialized zopes, a small cache for the validation node, etc. whereas currently a huge cache for all nodes would waste a lot of RAM)
      For any `key=value` parameter that can be overridden, overriding is done as follows:
      - `key` defines the default value (not required if the SR already defines one)
      - `key!=[[pattern, value],...]`: the SR takes the value of the first 2-tuple whose *some reference* matches the pattern
      For NEO:
      - new `node_count` and `node` parameters
      - `node!` can be used to override `node`: the *reference* is the partition reference (`node-<i>` for standalone NEO, and `neo-<i>` for ERP5)
      - `node_list` is deprecated (if still passed, the new parameters must not be present)
      For ERP5 ZODB settings, parameters can be overridden at both:
      - zodb level (e.g. `pool-size`, `cache-size`... oh, I've just discovered there exists `cache-size-bytes`)
      - storage level (e.g. `compress`, `cache-size`, etc. in the case of NEO)
      Here, the *reference* is the zope id (e.g. `actitivies-0`)
      The `pattern` is a Python regex that must match the whole reference.
      Another not-so-small change is that the schema is fixed to only require NEO `cluster` parameter when instanciating a standalone NEO.
      And a few fixes.
      /reviewed-on !661
      Julien Muchembled committed
    • ERP5: "cluster" is not required in NEO parameters · 9c356374
      Julien Muchembled committed
    • ERP5: new parameters to override ZODB settings for any zope · 036e518b
      Julien Muchembled committed
    • deploy-test: Provide status of running services · 2ec92336
      Łukasz Nowak committed
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