1. 30 Nov, 2020 2 commits
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      version up: slapos.core 1.6.3 · 97e7c8f6
      Jérome Perrin authored
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      Use nxdtest in SlapOS tests · 4371e39c
      Jérome Perrin authored
       * switch software/slapos-testing (`SlapOS.Eggs.UnitTest-*`) to use nxdtest and update README to describe how to run tests locally with nxdtest's runTestSuite. Switch tests to `python -m unittest` (or slight variations) instead of the deprecated `python setup.py`, except a few tests which only pass when invoked with `setup.py`.
       * switch software/slapos-sr-testing (`SlapOS.SoftwareReleases.IntegrationTest-*`) to use nxdtest and update README to describe how to run tests locally with nxdtest's runTestSuite. Switch all tests to `python -m unittest discover` intead of the deprecated `python setup.py` - which was especially problematic in these tests, because it sets `$PYTHONPATH` which affect subprocesses ran by the tests. In follow up commits we'll drop the workarounds for `$PYTHONPATH`.
      `EggTestSuite` becomes unused and will be removed in follow up changes.
      See merge request !862
  2. 27 Nov, 2020 4 commits
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      software/nayuos: several improvements · d29781b2
      Thomas Gambier authored
       * use python3 (newest builds requires python3)
       * correctly exclude release directories during rsync so that resiliency
       * use correct names for project/software/instances
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      software/slapos-testing: use nxdtest · 1536ad2e
      Jérome Perrin authored
      We also try to switch the tests to use python -m unittest as a way of
      invoking tests, instead of the deprecated python setup.py test
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      component/pygolang: minimal -O support in [python-interpreter] · cfdc9b83
      Jérome Perrin authored
      When use this interpreter to run buildout, buildout will pre-compile eggs with
      different level of optimisations, for this it spawns sys.executable with -O
      option (see [1]). Since pymain does not support -O argument and python only
      support changing optimization level at startup, we can not easily handle -O
      argument, execpt by re-executing ourselves with PYTHONOPTIMIZE environment
      variable, which has same effect than setting -O flag
      1: https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/slapos.buildout/blob/488b2dfd3088cba7b322827c904fe1f93fba73e6/src/zc/buildout/easy_install.py#L1716-1722
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      software/slapos-sr-testing: use nxdtest · 3a1e5628
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Change to run all tests with python -m unittest, which will allow us to
      remove workaround for the $PYTHONPATH set by setup.py test.
      For this we use `[python-interpreter]` which uses pygolang.main to behave
      like a "normal" python interpreter with eggs available, but without the
      usual problems of interpreters generated by zc.recipe.eggs - it supports
      all command line flags and have current directory in sys.path.
      Tests now have an explicit name, that we set to the software name as before,
      and the special test dynamically checking all profiles json schemas (part
      of slapos.cookbook egg, at the root of slapos repository),is named
      json-schemas. It is also changed to run as default tests in python2 and
      python3, not only in extras for python2.
  3. 26 Nov, 2020 4 commits
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  11. 10 Nov, 2020 6 commits
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      stack/erp5: stop using caucase managed certificate for balancer · 620c9332
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Revert "software/erp5: use a caucase managed certificate for balancer"
      This reverts commit 74d18b9d and also follow
      up fixup ( 555b26a2 ).
      We are not ready to use caucase here, there are still too many problems with
      caucase (keys are lost at each SR update etc) and design might still evolve,
      so let's go back to self signed certificate for now.
      Also remove the promise and the updater, since they are also not working and
      causing problems on instances that have been updated (and where the key no
      longer match the certificate)
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      fixup! software/erp5: use a caucase managed certificate for balancer · 555b26a2
      Jérome Perrin authored
      fix balancer CSR generation:
      Caucase rerequest uses a CSR *template* and use it to generate
      a new CSR with a new key, so we should not use the actual key to
      generate this CSR, because it is caucase rerequest job to generate
      the key.
      Also, we should be careful not to generate a new CSR every time this
      command run, otherwise a new key will be generated and a new CSR will
      be sent to caucase, but caucase will not sign it automatically (since
      we configure it to sign only one certificate).
      This means that the case of IP address changes is currently not
      supported automatically. To support it we would need to:
        - force generation of a new CSR template
        - force caucase rerequester to request a new certificate (by removing
        existing certificate)
        - force caucased to sign the new certificate
      This commit also fix indentation and remove simplefile macro that is no longer used
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      Feature Caddy Frontend Haproxy Active Check · fb49ccdb
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      See merge request !837
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      caddy-frontend: Allow to have simple backend · f1351dcb
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      Just running test.py with ip and port allows to expose the internal testing
      backend. IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.
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      caddy-frontend: Fix software type usage · cc4d556b
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      By default there is no sense to play with software type, since it's fixed in
  12. 09 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      caddy-frontend: Dodge lowercasing in profile generation · 3d747c95
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      slapos.cookbook:softwaretype tends to lowercase keys in each section, which
      has been undetected due to using lowercase references of slaves in the tests.
      By restructuring information in the sections, and putting slave references
      inside of dumped part of information, now the slave reference case is kept.
      Also real care was taken to stabilise published lists by sorting them, as it
      also slipped, that they could be unstable.
      Tests has been updated to catch this issue, also other tests were fixed, as
      they had wrong assertions.