• Issue was:
    - user project_user was created
    - project_user create stored routines
    - mysql data is dumped (including list of users)
    - mysql data is restored, but stored routines have the information
      DEFINER that must match an existing user. This does not
      work if there is no flush privileges instructions
    So make sure to insert flush privileges while dumping
    by Sebastien Robin
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  • by Julien Muchembled
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  • There's little hope that it gets maintained because it contains a C extension whereas alternatives often use ctypes. In particular, it has no support for Python 3, and this is a blocker for us. At the beginning, [I though we were switching to pyinotify](0bb405fc): it is quite popular, and even used by fail2ban, but the code is ugly (big, crazy API, limited, and probably slow).
    I didn't really know inotify and it's disappointing to see that created files (CREATE+WRITE+CLOSE_WRITE) can't be distinguished from hard links (CREATE). Acting upon new inodes is a common scenario and in the first case, you want to wait CLOSE_WRITE or you would read a partially written file. What I mean is that inotify is often unreliable, unless you detect changes done by your own software (e.g. you can make sure that files aren't hard-linked) but then some other IPC is probably simpler.
    In any case, I open this MR because I haven't tested it. I only checked with pylint (hence the second commit).
    /cc @alain.takoudjou @gabriel @luke (from Git history)
    /reviewed-on !257
    by Julien Muchembled
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