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Slapos egg tests

This software release is used to run unit test of slapos eggs.

The approach is to use setuptools' integrated test runner, python test, to run tests.

The python used in this command will be a zc.recipe.egg interpreter with all eggs pre-installed by this software release.

Nexedi staff can see the results of this test from the test suite SLAPOS-EGG-TEST in test result module.

Here's an example session of how a developer could use this software release in slaprunner to develop a slapos egg, in the example slapos.core, to make changes to the code, run tests and publish changes.

# install this software release

slapos supply $SR $COMP
slapos node software
slapos request --node=node=$COMP $INSTANCE_NAME $SR
slapos node instance

# The source code is a git clone working copy on the instance
cd ~/srv/runner/instance/slappart0/parts/slapos.core/

# make some changes to the code
vim slapos/tests/

# run tests, using bundled python intepreter with pre-installed eggs dependencies
~/srv/runner/instance/slappart0/software_release/bin/python_for_test build

# when satified, commit changes
git add -p && git commit

# add developer's fork remote (this is only needed the first time)
git remote add my_remote

# push the changes
git push my_remote HEAD:feature_branch_name

# then submit merge request