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    golang: Infrastructure to build Go workspaces / projects · 1b540151
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    In Go world development workflow is organized around so-called workspace
    where multiple packages can be installed / worked on etc. The following
    page describes Go workspaces:
    A new [gowork] section and infrastructure around it is introduced.
    Quoting code:
        # gowork is a top-level section representing workspace
        # users should add `install` field to [gowork] to describe packages they want to
        # be installed (+ automatically their dependencies are installed too). e.g.
        #   [gowork]
        #   install =
        #       lab.nexedi.com/kirr/neo/go/...  \
        #       github.com/pkg/profile          \
        #       golang.org/x/perf/cmd/benchstat
    The way it all works inside is:
    - gowork organizes to create go.work/ directory in buildout root
    - inside it creates env.sh which when sources in shell adjusts all paths
      so that appropriate go compiler is in path, GOPATH is also set
      appropriately, etc - in other words everything needs for using/working
      on this workspace is setup in the environment.
    - in actual user software profile the list of Go projects which needs to
      be installed by SlapOS has to be listed. The [gowork] machinery takes
      care about git-cloning these projects and `go install`s them after.
    - by SlapOS design builds have to be reproducible and so every component
      state/version has to be fixed.
      A convenient helper (gowork-snapshot) to get snapshot of git go
      packages installed with their exact revisions is added. This should be
      used to automatically (re-)generate list of go git repositories &
      their pinning for a workspace.
    For a new Go project that needs to be slaposified the workflow should be:
    - first get a project into working state via any convenient way (`go get`, etc.)
    - generate list of go packages & their pinning with gowork-snapshot
    - extend golang/buildout.cfg and in project software profile add
      	install = your-top-level-packages
      as it was outlined above.
    [golang] is removed because
    1. it is not used anywhere in slapos.git tree, and
    2. the canonical way to work on go projects from now on will be to use
       [gowork]. There latest go version is preconfigured, but users can
       override it to some particular other version in their projects as they
    /reviewed-on	 !242
    /also-needed-for !243
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