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    redis: v↑ (2.8.23) · 9b3cfff4
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    - update Redis software to latest upstream in 2.8.* series (which now
      supports IPv6 out of the box);
    - update Redis instance template to the one from 2.8.23 and re-merge our
      templating changes to it (file/dir locations, port and binding, master
      The whole diff to pristine 2.8.23 redis conf is now this:
      diff --git a/.../redis-2.8.23/redis.conf b/slapos/recipe/redis/template/redis.conf.in
      index 870959f..2895539 100644
      --- a/.../redis-2.8.23/redis.conf
      +++ b/slapos/recipe/redis/template/redis.conf.in
      @@ -46 +46 @@ daemonize no
      -pidfile /var/run/redis.pid
      +pidfile %(pid_file)s
      @@ -50 +50 @@ pidfile /var/run/redis.pid
      -port 6379
      +port %(port)s
      @@ -69,0 +70 @@ tcp-backlog 511
      +bind %(ipv6)s
      @@ -108 +109 @@ loglevel notice
      -logfile ""
      +logfile %(log_file)s
      @@ -174 +175 @@ rdbcompression yes
      -# hit to pay (around 10%) when saving and loading RDB files, so you can disable it
      +# hit to pay (around 10%%) when saving and loading RDB files, so you can disable it
      @@ -192 +193 @@ dbfilename dump.rdb
      -dir ./
      +dir %(server_dir)s
      @@ -217 +218 @@ dir ./
      -# masterauth <master-password>
    NOTE There are test failures for almost all Redis versions when machine
    have not small amount of CPUs:
    Because the failure is in replication test, and so far we do not use
    replication, and there is no feedback from upstream author to handle
    this (for 7 days for my detailed report, and for ~ 3 months for this
    issue in general), we can just disable replication test as a temporary
    solution.  ( to handle remote patches with md5 hash easily the building
    recipe is changed to slapos.recipe.cmmi )
    NOTE Redis updated to 2.8 version because GitLab uses this series.
    If/when we need more recent one we can add [redis30] in addition to
    /reviewed-by @kazuhiko  (on !27 and on !26)
    /cc @alain.takoudjou, @jerome
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