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    gitlab: Switch to "GitLab Nexedi Edition" · 74d4ea62
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    GitLab Nexedi Edition is currently upstream 8.2.X + the following
        - HTTP(S) is made to be default clone protocol
          and SSH info is completely removed from UI
          so essentially the only way to access a repository is via HTTP(S).
        - Rake check tasks are adjusted to exit with non-zero code if there
          is a failure
          We need this for promises to work correctly with failures being
          detected, not silently skipped. The patch was sent upstream:
        - GitLab supports setting up site's ICP License in gitlab.yml and
          shows it in appropriate places together with info about GitLab
        + other cosmetic/minor changes.
    More patches will probably come (e.g. apply a single patch from a
    merge-request with `git am` without creating merge commit for just 1
    patch, etc) but for now that's all.
    NOTE ICP is non-ascii text with hieroglyphs. slapos.core was taught to
        be able to pass parameters with non-ascii values to instance:
        That patch is included in slapos.core 1.3.15, but as we currently
        have a lot of older slapos.core deployed (e.g. 1.3.5 on my
        development webrunner) a workaround is (hopefully temporarily) used
        to pass non-ascii values as URL-encoded strings.
    /cc @kazuhiko, @jerome, @rafael
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