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    gitlab: Upgrade to 8.8.9 + start automation of gitlab-backup · 9e01d769
    iv authored
    # Upgrade
        * GitLab Software + patches ported to GitLab 8.8.9;
        * Configs synced with upstream and SlapOS-ified;
        * Fix promises due to curl upgrade
    @jerome @kazuhiko @kirr: if you have any comments, I would be glad to read them. There is a [demo instance](https://softinst69126.host.vifib.net) you can try.
    Check on the demo instance for the Gitlab configuration:
    - [x] migrations are all `up`, when running: `gitlab-rake db:migrate:status`
    - [x] promises don't fail (including slow ones)
    - [x] web UI seems fine
    - [x] git clone/fetch/push works well
    - [x] email notifications are sent
    and Nexedi edition patches:
    - [x] raw blobs download
    - [x] private ones with gitlab-ci token `curl -v https://user:token@testinstance/kirr/test/raw/master/hello.txt`
    - [x] applying patches in merge-request
    - [x] merge as topic in merge-request
    - [x] "Nexedi edition" being present on front page and on page footers with ICP
    - [x] clone protocol is only HTTPS (not SSH)
    No changes are made in gitlab-workhorse and gitlab-shell upstream this time, but Nexedi patches and a cherry-picked commit are applied in a merge request on gitlab-ce.
    Note: in order to build the gitlab SR, you need to change gitlab-ce repository to my own, as it is not merged yet:
    --- a/software/gitlab/software.cfg
    +++ b/software/gitlab/software.cfg
    @@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ git-executable = ${git:location}/bin/git
     <= git-repository
     #repository = https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce.git
    -repository = https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/gitlab-ce.git
    +repository = https://lab.nexedi.com/iv/gitlab-ce.git
    # Gitlab backup (pull automation)
    The idea is to regularly do a gitlab-backup pull for now, so that later, we can add some code to configure the other gitlab instance (not in production) to pull the created backup repo.
    /reviewed-on !124
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