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    software/*: version up urllib3, requests and dependencies · 340a7609
    Jérome Perrin authored
    Several softwares were using fixed versions, but versions are also defined in
    stack/slapos.cfg, so let's use from stack/slapos.cfg which will simplify
    version management.
    This urllib3 has visible changes for us, it no longer send the request path
    "as is", but normalizes the . and .. which is not what we want in
    caddy-frontend test, so we adjust the test to use prepared requests, which is
    the recommended approach for this kind of low level needs. Since prepared
    requests does not set default user agent "python-requests", tests checking that
    user agent is in log files have been adjusted to use a dedicated test user agent
    Another change is that certificates are now verified by default, so we adjust
    seleniumserver tests to disable certificate validation. jstestnode, already
    had a patch regarding certificate validation, because we wanted certificates
    to be validated before it was the default. We just update this patch a bit
    because we want to keep the optional behaviours of validating against a
    specific CA or to disable validation.
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