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    software/erp5: Adjust apachedex promise for haproxy · e6087b7d
    Jérome Perrin authored
    Since bd3c2b18 (Remove httpd from ERP5 and use haproxy instead, 2020-12-14)
    timing in balancer access log files are in milliseconds, no longer in
    microseconds as they use to be with apache.
    We update apachedex to version 1.8, where it supports generating reports
    from access log files with milliseconds, as long as the expected format is
    passed with --logformat argument.
    We changed the default value of apachedex configuration to use the expected
    --logformat argument, but users with a custom apachedex config passed as
    instance parameters (monitor.apachedex-configuration) will have to update
    their request parameters, to also pass --logformat.
    Since this is breaking change, we take this opportunity to introduce another
    breaking change, this parameter is not longer a string with all arguments
    on the same line, which was problematic because these arguments contained
    quotes and backslashes. The arguments are now passed as a list of strings
    which will become the list of arguments passed to apachedex.
    This is implemented by generating an apachedex config file, which simplifies
    the generation of the wrapper. For this we also needed to upate
    The same change is reflected to the overriden profiles in slapos-master,
    but for slapos-master we don't pass the --logformat argument, because
    slapos-master is using httpd, so the logs timings are still in microseconds.
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