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    software/proftpd/test: relax assertion on TestBanLog · 97f4a5fb
    Jérome Perrin authored
    We observed some test failures like for example 1 where this assertion
    was failing because message is `Error reading SSH protocol banner`.
    Because the purpose of this specific test is to check that log rotation
    of ban log work as expected and because we test more thoroughly the
    ban itself in TestBan.test_client_are_banned_after_5_wrong_passwords, we
    can simplify this test by just asserting that connection was refused, by
    expecting a general exception. We don't care about the details of the
    exception here.
    After a ban, the first connection attemps seem to always be refused with
    "Connection reset by peer" and that's why we did not observed failures
    with TestBan.test_client_are_banned_after_5_wrong_passwords
    [1]: https://nexedijs.erp5.net/#/test_result_module/20211208-1520AC26C/21
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