Commit a85acf0c authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

ERP5Form: fix inheritance of editable fields for listboxes whose id != 'listbox'

parent 36162477
......@@ -1306,25 +1306,17 @@ class ListBoxRenderer:
"""Get an editable field for column, using column alias.
Return None if a field for this column does not exist.
form = self.getForm()
editable_field_id = '%s_%s' % (self.getUnprefixedId(), alias)
field = self.field
while form is not None:
#Search the editable field in the form
if form.has_field(editable_field_id, include_disabled=1):
return form.get_field(editable_field_id, include_disabled=1)
elif field.meta_type == 'ProxyField':
while True:
return field.aq_parent.get_field("%s_%s" % (, alias),
except AttributeError:
if field is None or field.meta_type != 'ProxyField':
# if we are rendering a proxy field, also look for editable
# fields from the template field's form.
field = field.getTemplateField()
if field is None:
form = None
form = aq_inner(field).aq_parent
form = None
return None
field = aq_inner(field.getTemplateField())
def getListMethod(self):
"""Return the list method object.
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