Commit 03b0dce5 authored by Aurel's avatar Aurel

fix script

dict keys must be string, fix undefined variable
parent 2ea3ce9b
......@@ -87,20 +87,20 @@ for account_uid in account_uids:\n
closed_date = None\n
if parent_value.getPortalType() == \'Organisation\':\n
activity = parent_value.getActivity()\n
parent_activity = parent_value.getActivity()\n
activity = None\n
parent_activity = None\n
inv_account_dict[account_uid] = {\n
state_title: account_state,\n
closed_date: closed_date,\n
account_reference: account.getReference(),\n
internal_bank_account_number: account.getInternalBankAccountNumber(),\n
state: account.getValidationState(),\n
activity: parent_activity,\n
account_owner: parent_value.getTitle(),\n
currency_title: account.getPriceCurrencyTitle(),\n
bic_code: account.getBicCode(None),\n
transaction_list: [],\n
\'state_title\': account_state,\n
\'closed_date\': closed_date,\n
\'account_reference\': account.getReference(),\n
\'internal_bank_account_number\': account.getInternalBankAccountNumber(),\n
\'state\': account.getValidationState(),\n
\'activity\': parent_activity,\n
\'account_owner\': parent_value.getTitle(),\n
\'currency_title\': account.getPriceCurrencyTitle(),\n
\'bic_code\': account.getBicCode(None),\n
\'transaction_list\': [],\n
# Current inventory\n
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
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