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      Cosmetic. · 8d0f298f
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      'Standard Property' must be in 'property' Portal Type Group since 687fedda (#20161014-1C29326). · 1a4f7cf1
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      Otherwise, reset is not triggered when changing a 'Standard Property'
      ZODB Property Sheet (through dynamic_class_generation_interaction_workflow
      ChangeProperty_resetDynamicClasses Interaction). Also, add Unit Tests to
      check that this Interaction is properly called.
      'Base Category' was also removed in 687fedda but this does not seem to be
      an issue as 'Category Property' and 'Dynamic Category Property' only use
      the ID, and thus this is handled by PropertySheet_resetDynamicClasses
      Interaction (_delObject/_setObject will be called).