Authored by Jérome Perrin

Theia keymaps.json

fixes terminal: restore Alt+d Ctrl+K Ctrl+P to their "classic" behavior add Ctrl+Alt+w to close tab remap prev/next tab to Ctrl+Shift+Tab and Ctrl+Tab

.theia/keymaps.json 3.56 KB
  • @xavier_thompson FYI I'm using these keymaps, mostly to make terminal keybindings work like a "classic" terminal

  • Thanks for sharing, do you think it would make sense to include this by default in software/theia ?

  • I don't know, usually we try not to customize too much, so it's probably better to use the default keybindings

    There's also a problem that there's a warning that this config is deprecated:


    but if I use when instead of context as suggested the keybinding override is no longer effective. Also note that this config file was generated by using this action:


    so it's like it generates obsolete config by default. The concern with all this is that if we ship a customization we might have problems maintaining it.

    For the alt+d, this comes from plantuml extension, I wanted to file an issue there recommending not to use such a global shortcut or at least not to enable it in the context of the terminal. Another way might be to not install this extension by default.

  • cc @Nicolas as we discussed this together

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