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    Add support of OnlyOffice document (as ziplike file) · a985974c
    Tristan Cavelier authored
    Originaly, the y format (docy, xlsy, ppty) is a file extension that is use by an OnlyOffice document.
    An OnlyOffice document is composed by : 
    - a file with extension in (docy, xlsy, ppty)
    - a separate media folder containing media files (Ex: media/image1.png)
    Several problems : 
    - Two documents cannot be in the same folder
    - How to send / get from Cloudooo to ERP5 ?
    - The document cannot be stored easily in ERP5 (embedded files ? seperate images linked to the document by predecessors ??)
    - How to download an OnlyOffice document from ERP5 ? How to load it on OfficeJS ?
    To solve, we embbed all the files composing the document into one zip (like docx, odt, ...) : 
    - Two documents can be in the same folder
    - We send / get from Cloudooo as usual with portal transform
    - The document can be stored in File data in ERP5 like any other docx document.
    - document.getData allows to download the document data and JSZip can be used to extract easily the body in OfficeJS.
    To keep backward compatibility, a docy can be : 
    - the OnlyOffice document body (`startsWith("DOCY;v2;")`)
    - can be a zip file (`startsWith("PK\x03\x04")`) containing one file at the root of the archive + optional media folder
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