Commit 1c48675c authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

software/kvm/test: Wait long when big images are downloaded

Some tests are checking deeply that bootstrap script works correctly inside
if prepared VM, but those prepared VMs are big chunks of data to be fetched,
so it's required to wait quite long.
parent 2fa93c63
...@@ -249,6 +249,8 @@ class TestAccessDefaultAdditional(MonitorAccessMixin, InstanceTestCase): ...@@ -249,6 +249,8 @@ class TestAccessDefaultAdditional(MonitorAccessMixin, InstanceTestCase):
class TestAccessDefaultBootstrap(MonitorAccessMixin, InstanceTestCase): class TestAccessDefaultBootstrap(MonitorAccessMixin, InstanceTestCase):
__partition_reference__ = 'adb' __partition_reference__ = 'adb'
expected_partition_with_monitor_base_url_count = 1 expected_partition_with_monitor_base_url_count = 1
# as few gigabytes are being downloaded, wait a bit longer
instance_max_retry = 40
@classmethod @classmethod
def getInstanceParameterDict(cls): def getInstanceParameterDict(cls):
...@@ -344,6 +346,8 @@ class TestAccessKvmClusterAdditional(MonitorAccessMixin, InstanceTestCase): ...@@ -344,6 +346,8 @@ class TestAccessKvmClusterAdditional(MonitorAccessMixin, InstanceTestCase):
class TestAccessKvmClusterBootstrap(MonitorAccessMixin, InstanceTestCase): class TestAccessKvmClusterBootstrap(MonitorAccessMixin, InstanceTestCase):
__partition_reference__ = 'akcb' __partition_reference__ = 'akcb'
expected_partition_with_monitor_base_url_count = 3 expected_partition_with_monitor_base_url_count = 3
# as few gigabytes are being downloaded, wait a bit longer
instance_max_retry = 40
@classmethod @classmethod
def getInstanceSoftwareType(cls): def getInstanceSoftwareType(cls):
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