Commit 23eb542d authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin

software/erp5testnode/testsuite: use same branch when installing software in slaprunner

Instead of installing the software inside slaprunner from 1.0 branch, use the
same branch as the tested one, this should allow to see regressions earlier
(before they got merged in 1.0)
parent ed6be15a
......@@ -56,8 +56,12 @@ config-cpu-usage-ratio = 1
config-software-root = ${buildout:directory}/../../soft
config-buildout-shared-folder = ${buildout:directory}/../../shared
config-no-ipv4-frontend = true
# XXX hardcoded
#config-frontend-domain =
# Use same repository / branch for the software installed in slaprunner
# than the tested slaprunner itself.
config-slapos-repository = {{ slapos_repository_url }}
config-slapos-reference = {{ slapos_repository_branch }}
# XXX Hack to deploy Root Instance on the same computer as the type-test Instance
sla-computer_guid = ${slap-connection:computer-id}
return = backend-url
......@@ -7,7 +7,16 @@ parts += template-erp5testnode
filename = instance-resilient-test.cfg.jinja2
md5sum = cf34be404bdd93a72df9c593f8762cb2
md5sum = be4adbc196f07f5e39ca78401dfa53ec
# We have to use an extra level of indentation here because this is substituted
# during software buildout to generate instance buildout, but the
# slapos.recipe.template recipe doing the substitution does string replacements
# without knowledge of the buildout syntax, so we want the second line to be
# indented in the final generated instance buildout.
extra-context =
raw slapos_repository_url ${slapos.cookbook-repository:repository}
raw slapos_repository_branch ${slapos.cookbook-repository:branch}
# Define shorter interaction to speed up tests
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