Commit 9b1c6341 authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin

component/util-linux: build with libcap-ng

Explicitly build with libcap-ng instead of depending on presence of the
development library on the host.

Also fix the way of disabling tinfo, there was warning at the end of
configure saying this option is not used
parent ffeb93f2
extends =
recipe = slapos.recipe.cmmi
shared = true
url =
md5sum = 7733b583dcb51518944d42aa62ef19ea
configure-options =
......@@ -31,7 +33,7 @@ configure-options =
......@@ -43,5 +45,8 @@ configure-options =
environment =
LDFLAGS=-L${libcap-ng:location}/lib -Wl,-rpath=${libcap-ng:location}/lib
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