Commit c76e187b authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

caddy-frontend: Update TODO

 * add switch-softwaretype from review
 * add graceful scripts improvement
 * inform about certificates in tests with explanation
 * add about improving test infrastructure
parent 1eedb943
......@@ -12,3 +12,12 @@ Generally things to be done with ``caddy-frontend``:
* simplify Jijna2 syntax and drop whitespace control, as it is not needed
* make beautiful (eg. with whitespaces and nice comments) generated files (mostly Jinja2)
* have ``caddy-frontend`` specific parameters, with backward compatibility to ``apache-frontend`` ones (like ``apache_custom_http`` --> ``caddy_custom_http``)
* change ``switch-softwaretype`` to way how ``software/erp5`` does, which will help with dropping jinja2 template for ``caddy-wrapper``, which is workaround for current situation
* use `slapos!326 <>`_ instead of self-developed graceful restart scripts
* move out `test/` and use it from shared python distribution
Things which can't be implemented:
* use certificates valid forever in tests using `cryptography <>`_, with `available example <>`_
* **REASON**: it is impossible to generate certificate without `Not Valid After`, even with `cryptography <>`_
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