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      geoip2: GeoLite2-Country_20180905 · ac0b832b
      Julien Muchembled authored
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      erp5: make testrunner access zserver through apache · bddfdad2
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Default behavior of runUnitTest was to listen on ``/`localhost`, which is not
      allowed for SlapOS instance and caused issues when the used DNS server does not resolve localhost.
      Instead, we decided to run the zserver on the partition IP. Because this partition's IP is not seen as a secure origin (as defined in https://goo.gl/Y0ZkNV ) from firefox when running zelenium tests, we also add some entries in apache from balancer partition to act as an https proxy on this zserver and change the testrunners to access the https URL.
      See also erp5!729 for the erp5 part.
      /reviewed-on !374
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      erp5: Rework testrunner's HTTP server · 2a457867
      Jérome Perrin authored
      We don't want runUnitTest is to listen on, as it is not
      allowed for SlapOS instances, runUnitTest wrapper is extended to include
      `--zserver` with a pre-assigned ip:port.
      runTestSuite starts several test in parrallel (controlled by
      `--node_quantity` argument, which is passed by erp5testnode), so we need
      to make sure that we provide it with enough ip:port. For this, we
      extended runTestSuite with a `--zserver_address_list` argument and we
      generate a wrapper with a list of `testrunner.node-count` pre-assigned
      Because zelenium tests needs to access this zserver over a secure origin
      (otherwise modern browser features such as service worker are not
      available), use an https proxy in the apache from the balancer
      runUnitTest and runTestSuite have been extended with resp.
      `--zserver_frontend_url` and `--zserver_frontend_url_list` arguments and
      the URLs published by the balancer paritions are set in the wrappers.
      For compatibility reasons, runTestSuite pass parameters as environment
      Implementation notes:
      This introduces a circular depencency, balancer partition needs to know
      the address of the testrunners and zope partitions needs to know the
      URLs of the corresponding http proxies on the apache. This is is handled
      by `slapos.recipe:publish-early`:
       1. request zope family with an empty `test-runner-apache-url-list`.
          zope is instanciated a first time.
          zope returns `test-runner-address-list` ( a list of (host, port)
          tuples )
       2. request balancer with `test-runner-address-list`
          balancer is instanciated.
          balancer returns `{{ family_name }}-test-runner-url-list` ( a list
          of apache URLs ), which are published in the root partition.
       3. zope family is re-requested with
          updated`test-runner-apache-url-list` information
      instance-erp5.cfg.in template was also reorganised to move
      `[publish-early]` next to `[publish]` at the bottom of the file because
      these sections are semantically related.
      Also test runner generation is moved after zope generation, because we
      want to allocate test runners ports after zopes, otherwise existing
      zopes would get new ports when existing instances are upgraded.
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      component/apache: fix documentation of backend template · 7d63b3e6
      Jérome Perrin authored
      `enable_authentication` parameter of `backend-list`
      was not documented.
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      erp5: new `test-runner` instance parameter · e4d1ea03
      Jérome Perrin authored
      We have new parameters "how many parallel tests this instance can run"
      ( test-runner.node-count ) and "how many supplementary databases each
      test needs" ( test-runner.extra-database-count ).
      Instead of configuring "I need a total of 15 databases", we configure "I
      need to be able to run 3 tests in parallel, each test requiring 4 extra
      databases" which generates 3 * (4 +1) databases.
      `mariadb.test-database-amount` becomes deprecated in favour of these new
      arguments, but compatibility is preserved.
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