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    component/mariadb: install in shared mode · d29fba55
    Jérome Perrin authored
    Mariadb was not shared, because installing mroonga writes a plugin in
    mariadb's plugin dir and it's not allowed for one part to write in
    another part's folder.
    The approach is to install mroonga plugin in it's own plugin directory,
    then copy all mariadb default plugins in this plugin directory and
    configure instance to use mroonga's plugin directory.
    Groonga also has plugins and we are using groonga-normalizer-mysql
    plugin. Fortunately, groonga reads plugins located in paths listed in
    GRN_PLUGINS_PATH environment variable, so we can use a simpler approach
    of installing plugins in their own installation folder and set
    GRN_PLUGINS_PATH in the environment of processes using groonga, ie. the
    mariadb server process.
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