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    powerdns: update GeoIP backend configuration · 214e1399
    Bryton Lacquement authored
    With the recent powerdns upgrade, the GeoIP backend uses a new config
    format, see zones-file.yml.jinja2.
    zz.countries.nexedi.dk.rbldnsd (which maps IPs to countries) is replaced
    by GeoLite2-Country.mmdb(1) (which maps IPs to countries & continents).
    Note: zz.countries.nexedi.dk.rbldnsd is not deleted (yet?); it is parsed
    to keep information about China and its IP ranges grouped by ISP.
    cdn.conf.in (which maps RR(s) to countries) is dropped; it is replaced
    by an equivalent mapping done inside zones-file.yml.jinja2.
    Also, EDNS Client Subnet extension is enabled.
    (1): Added in previous commit.