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    ZEO: Fix ZEO4-wc2 installation · 97832d95
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    - due to a thinko in c170fe3e (ZODB: Provide ZODB4-wc2 which backports MVCC approach from ZODB5)
      4-wc2 revision was set on a ZEO(egg) section instead of ZEO(repository)
      section. As the result it was ZEO4 - not ZEO4-wc2 - that was installed.
      This was leading to hangs in tests with wcfs waiting for ZODB server to
      update it after a commit, but no notification was coming from ZEO at all.
      For the refrence: the reason ZEO4-wc2 exists at all is the backport patches
      that teach ZEO to send invalidations even on empty transactions
      (nexedi/ZEO@bf80d23d), and to include
      just-created objects into invalidations as well (nexedi/ZEO@f2fae122).
      Those changes are needed for WCFS to be always notificated on every
      transaction and with full set of changed objects.
    - there was a typo: it was `revisions` instead of `revision`.
    -> Fix both issues. Now it is ZEO4-wc2 that is installed for real when `ZODB.major = 4-wc2`.
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