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    golang: Clean internal build cache after part is compiled/tested · 86a21a53
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    @tomo reports that parts/golang1.17/pkg/obj/go-build takes ~ 1GB which makes it
    wasteful if we want to upload result of compilation to shacache.
    It turns out we can drop that particular build cache completely, because it is
    used only during the build and test of Go itself and its standard library. And
    when Go is installed it will be another - "user" build cache - that will be
    used to maintain and reuse build artifacts. For the reference: in SlapOS that
    latter "user" build cache is located inside go.work/
    -> Purge internal build cache after compilation is over.
    Size of parts/golang1.17 before and after hereby patch:
    before: 1.6G
    after:  447M
    See also related discussion in nexedi/slapos!929 (comment 128379)
    /reviewed-by @tomo, @jerome
    /reviewed-on nexedi/slapos!1169
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