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    component/nxdtest: v↑ (namespaces, /tmp-on-tmpfs, cancellation) · e45dc8f0
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    This upgrade
    - teaches nxdtest to run each testcase with its own /tmp and /dev/shm to
      detect after each test run leaked temporary files, leaked mount
      entries, to isolate different test runs from each other, and to provide
      tmpfs on /tmp for every test.
    - teaches nxdtest to propagate cancellation to spawned test jobs, so
      that whenever user cancels corresponding test run in ERP5 UI, nxdtest
      stops promptly. This should be most useful for long-running tests like
      SlapOS.SoftwareReleases.IntegrationTest-* which before had to be
      waited for for hours to complete even after cancelling test run in ERP5.
    Pytest-mock is added because it becomes dependency to test nxdtest
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