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    v↑ tempstorage(ZODB4) 2.12.2 -> 3-nxd · 610bad24
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    In 6e696faa "v↑ tempstorage 2.12.2 -> 5.2(ZODB5) 3-nxd(ZODB4-wc2)" we upgraded
    tempstorage for ZODB5 and ZODB4-wc2, but were careful and left tempstorage,
    that was being used with ZODB4, intact. However @tomo suggests that we should
    also upgrade tempstorage for ZODB4 because of the loadBefore fixes and not to
    further grow divergence in between ZODB4 and ZODB4-wc2:
        I understand that keeping the same version of tempstorage for ZODB 4 is to
        be on the safe side but I'd rather change it to tempstorage4-wc2 anyway. I mean
        we have a bugfix but we are afraid to apply it. Also, The less difference
        between ZODB 4 and ZODB 4-wc2 the better (everything will be more tested this way).
        ( nexedi/slapos!1009 (comment 137985) )
    -> So let's do that.
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