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    component/userhosts: use github.com/figiel/hosts for compatibility with recent libc · b1acdb0a
    Jérome Perrin authored
    In ubuntu 21.04 (libc6 2.33-0ubuntu5) or current debian testing
    (libc6 2.32-5) no longer use open to open /etc/hosts, but what appears
    as "openat" in strace output - but can not be replaced by defining an
    openat function.
    This uses https://github.com/figiel/hosts which uses another approach
    of replacing getaddrinfo, gethostbyname* and inet_aton.
    Users have been updated a bit, because there are some small differences:
     - the /etc/hosts replacement file is defined by HOSTS_FILE environment
       variable, not HOSTS
     - the library name is libuserhosts.so, not userhosts.so
    Other notable differences, for which we did not need code change are:
     - the new library also try to load a file when HOSTS_FILE is not set
     - the new library still use original /etc/hosts file
     - the new library supports aliases to hostnames, not only ip addresses
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